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[2 Jan 2018]

Busy Month For Public Speaking

On 11 April 2017, Jan gave a talk at the Midland Men’s Shed to 53 guys and asked the question: “How many of you do not have a member of your family who is not spoken to by another member of your family?” Sadly, not one person put their hand up! She went onto to say that whilst much of her work revolved around Family Law matters, she particularly enjoyed re-uniting families by finding those who had lost touch.

On 18 April, Jan spoke at a meeting of the curiously acronymed Seniors Healthy Active Group Association in Caversham. She asked the same question to about 40 people and only 6 raised their hands.

On 27 April, she gave another talk to the VIEW Club (Voice, Interests & Education of Women), this time at the RAAFA Club at Bullcreek. The ladies found her very interesting and informative, and she was subsequently invited to speak at the Probus Club. [2 May 2017]

Happy New Year To All Those Affected By The Ambiguous Loss Of A Missing Person

Happy New Year 2017

We sincerely hope that we or the Police find Your Loved One, or they come home of their own accord. Coping with the stresses and strains of modern day life isn’t easy. The New Year is a New Beginning, and we recommend reading “Healing From Family Rifts” to understand why people leave the family circle and how best to re-integrate them upon their return. Yes, it’s natural to ask questions about why they left, what they did, where they went and who they were with, but ask too many questions too many times, and they’re quite likely to leave again. This is a really delicate issue. If anyone needs help with this, please give Jan Ross a call on 0488 184 459. [30 Dec 2016]

Midland Library Presentation

Jan gave a presentation at Midland Old Courthouse for the Library entitled “Are You An Armchair Detective” regarding some of the cases she dealt with when she was a Police Officer in England, and went onto to explain “How to be a Private Investigator” here in Western Australia.

24 people attended, 17 filled out a survey form all saying they increased their knowledge of private investigating and that Jan was knowledgeable and communicated well. 16 said they’d tell others of their experience. Comments included “wonderful” and “very interesting”.

There were only two men in the audience, but one came forward and asked Jan to come and speak at the Men’s Shed, which has been scheduled for 11 April. She will be joined by one of her male colleagues who admits he did everything wrong during his first divorce and how he’s going by the book this time around. [28 Nov 2016]

101 Business Radio 

101 Business Radio Interview

Interviewed on 101 Business Radio by Michael Worthington, he says, “This is a great interview with one of Perth’s top Private Investigators. During this conversation Jan Ross takes us inside a world very few of us know much about.”[28 October 2016]

Certified International Investigator

Now that Pathfinder Investigations Pty Ltd have been in business for over three years, Jan’s membership of the Council of International Investigators, where she has over 350 contacts in 120 countries, has been upgraded. Recently, she had the honour of being invited to bid to host the 2018 AGM in Perth, but since she is only one of five members in Australia, the membership isn’t strong enough just yet. Maybe 2019? [7 August 2016]

CII Certificate

National Missing Persons Week

31 July – 6 August 2016

Stay Connected with those you love.

Read more:

Membership Rewards Program

Discount advertised in the Midland Kalamunda Reporter. [26 July 2016]

Midland Kalamunda Reporter Advert

Sleuth Jan Helps Join Family Dots

Here’s an article that appeared in the Ellenbrook Advocate. [13 July 2016]

Proud Sponsors of the Daniel Morcombe Film

Pathfinder Investigations are proud to announce we are official sponsors of the making of this film regarding the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe. His parents have bravely agreed to let this sad story be told in the hopes that other parents won’t need to go through the same ordeal. It’s also a story that every Police Officer should know, for while we can’t change the past, we can surely learn from it. [6 July 2016] Update: Sadly there were insufficient funds raised and so the project will not go ahead at this time.

Three Year Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of when Jan Ross, Managing Director of Pathfinder Investigations Pty Ltd, founded the company. New signage on the car window shows the scope of our operations: Local – National – International. Here’s a close up of those logos on the sides. [27 May 2016]

WOMO Service Award 2015Council of International Investigators Logo

Western Australian Genealogical Society

WAGS logo

Having previously researched her own family tree in England back to 1677, Jan is pleased to announce she has become a member of the Western Australian Genealogical Society. [25 Apr 2016]

Carmen & Fitzi

A different perspective on what most people think Private Investigators do was given by Jan Ross on 96FM’s Carmen & Fitzi’s “Keeping It Real” breakfast show this morning. Click the arrow to hear it for yourself and Contact Us if you have any questions. [21 Apr 2016]

96FM LogoCarmen & Fitzi logo


As ANZAC Day approaches, Pathfinder pays tribute to all those servicemen and women who went Missing In Action, and the family and friends who were left wondering what became of them. We also empathise with our Defence Force personnel who have gone missing physically or emotionally since their return from the Front Line as they try to adapt to civilian life; we understand how traumatic this can be for you and your family and you can find support in our Useful Links section. [21 Apr 2016]

Public Speaking in Mount Claremount
VIEW Club logo

Jan attended the Western Suburbs VIEW Club, Tuart Room, Mount Claremont Community Centre, Montgomery Road, Mount Claremont on 23 March 2016 where 27 ladies heard about how she became a Private Investigator and some of her fascinating cases and investigation techniques. They were particularly interested in the books she recommended. [27 Mar 2016] Feedback from the organiser: “Thank you SO much for your talk – our members loved it and you ! You were an absolute delight.”

Afternoon Show with Jenny Seaton

Jan was a guest on Curtin FM radio on Monday 21 March 2016 talking about tracing biological and other long lost relatives to an audience of approximately 102,000 listeners. Click the arrow to hear it for yourself and Contact Us if you have any questions. [27 Mar 2016]


Curtin FM Logo

Press Release

See our services to trace biological and long lost relatives:  Long Lost Family Press Release

Long Lost Family

Channel Ten’s upcoming new series Long Lost Family [12 Mar 2016]


Free Consultations

Free Consultation Policy

Invitation to take part in the Business Exemplar Project


Pathfinder Investigations are delighted to accept an invitation from Perth’s Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, which is in partnership with the region’s 6 local Chambers of Commerce (for the Town of Bassendean, the City of Bayswater, City of Belmont, Shire of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan), Business Enterprise Centres and Business Associations, to take part in a Business Exemplar Project following our Best New Business Award last September. [9 Feb 2016]

New Service: Fingerprinting for Migrant’s Police Checks

Fingerprint Service

[7 Feb 2016]

We visit Prisons & Detention Centres to Serve Court Documents

Hakea Prison PhotoYongah Hill IDC PhotoCasuarina Prison photo

[27 Dec 2015]

Lost Touch With A Loved One?

As Christmas and New Year approach, we all wonder about what happened to a friend or relative we have lost touch with. Perhaps you can’t remember what the argument was about, but you really miss their company. With the passage of time, does it really matter who was to blame for what was said or done? Isn’t it time to let bygones be bygones and move forward with your life?
Let Pathfinder Investigations make you as happy as the Watsons, who this year will be celebrating Christmas with their son Mark (in white), who had been missing from their lives for 11 long years. The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service took 14 months to come up empty-handed, yet Jan Ross took just three weeks to find him. What’s more, she helped re-unite them by suggesting that they read this book, available through our website at 20% discount. [21 Dec 2015]
Big Happy FamilyHealing from Family Rifts Book

Public Speaking at Ballajura Library

Jan gave a talk for over an hour at the Ballajura Library on Kingfisher Avenue opposite Ballajura City Shopping Centre, reviewing the books available at 20% discount through our website and mentioning some of our recent cases. [11 Dec 2015]

Women’s Council for Domestic Violence Silent March 2015

Proud Sponsor PhotoMan holds sign saying Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone at Silent March PhotoMarch sponsored by Pathfinder Investigations

Domestic violence often causes women and children to go missing and/or go to a refuge. Pathfinder Investigations were Proud Sponsor of the 25th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March, which had a fantastic turnout on Friday 27 November 2015 in Perth CBD. Jan Ross spoke to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, who agreed it would be a good idea if licensed investigators were allowed to ask the Police to check if a potential client had a VRO against them in cases where they asked us to find a partner. At present, privacy laws override personal safety, though we do exercise due diligence and will not accept a case where we have reason to believe a client has an intention to cause harm to another person. [4 Dec 2015]

New Service: DNA Testing

We are now able to offer DNA Testing to prove or disprove the relationship between children and parents, between children and grandparents or aunts/uncles when the father is not available for testing, siblings, and even your ethnic heritage. We recently had a case in which results came back within one week with 99.999% accuracy that the client was indeed related to the subject. Contact Us for further details.  [18 Nov 2015]

A Fabulous Headline from WORD OF MOUTH ONLINE

[18 Nov 2015]

Best Private Eye in Oz

Trade Mark Certificate

Trade Mark Certificate

On 17 September 2015, the name and logo of Pathfinder Investigations were formally registered as a Trade Mark, as evidenced by the above certificate, which bears our previous office address. [12 Oct 2015]

Belmont Speech

Belmont Rotary


Jan gave a speech for the Rotary Club at the Belmont Tavern yesterday and president David Bennett has thanked her for being “interesting and entertaining”. [2 Oct 2015]

Jan Ross Joins Council of International Investigators

Council of International Investigators Logo

Jan was welcomed as an Accredited Member of the Council of International Investigators today, which means she can now access the skills and experience of 345 investigators in 119 countries on 6 continents and, likewise, they can commission work here in Australia through Pathfinder Investigations. [16 Jul 2015]

Nifnex Small Business Expo

We exhibited at the Nifnex Small Business Expo and answered many burning questions about what it’s like to be a Private Investigator. [10 Jul 2015]

Nifnex Expo

Get your Free Consultation on Skype

Our regional, interstate and overseas clients can now contact us through Skype on +61 8 6102 4846. [22 May 2015]


Pathfinder Investigations now accept Credit Cards

We accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal payments and welcome the WA Government Purchasing Card. [22 May 2015]

Accepted here

Pathfinder Move to New Premises

We moved to Ballajura Business Centre, Perth.  [8 May 2015]
New officeRoll-up BannerNew office


Rotary Club Speech

Rotary Club Dinner

Jan gave a speech at the Rotary Club of Attadale meeting last night and was given this lovely momento. [17 Mar 2015]

International Women’s Day Luncheon

Jan attended the International Women’s Day Luncheon at The Cruising Yacht Club in Rockingham on 6 March 2015 to hear speeches from other inspirational women. [17 Mar 2015]

Shoalwater Ladies Probus Club Speech

Probus Club SpeechAFP Child Safety ID App

Jan’s speech at the Shoalwater Ladies Probus Club in Rockingham regarding her career in the Police and dealing with Missing Persons was well received by 64 ladies last week. As many of these ladies were grandmothers with the responsibility of looking after their grandchildren, they were very pleased to hear about the mobile phone app developed by the Australian Federal Police called “Police Child ID”, which enables adults to input descriptive details and photographs of children, so that in the event that they go missing, the Police can be appraised immediately.

Jan explained, “Whenever anybody goes missing, there is always a lag time between the last sighting and the Police initiating a search. It takes time for people to realise that a loved one should be home by now, they wait a bit, then make inquiries with friends and relatives, do a bit of an area search themselves, ring the Police, and then wait for the Police to arrive and take details. That time period from start to finish can be anything from 4 hours to 4 weeks, so anything that helps the Police to speed up that process is a great idea and, in the case of a child abduction could actually mean the difference between life and death.”

“By the way, that saying about having to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing is a load of Hollywood nonsense! If you think that someone’s behaviour is out of character, contact the Police straight away. On our FAQ page we explain “Do I Call the Police or Pathfinder?” so that there are no misunderstandings. While the Police have the resources to deal with current cases, we have the expertise to Review Cold Cases.”

The ladies were also enthralled with Jan’s Agatha Christie style of storytelling of real-life cases from when she was in the Police, called “Are You An Armchair Detective?” [17 Nov 2014]

Californian Clients’ Concerns Allayed

Our Mystery Shopping service is perfect for clients who are overseas or interstate. An American client has a high-end cosmetics store here in Perth and they had some concerns about high-pressure sales tactics being used to lure purchasers into the store, so we were hired to ensure that staff were not overstepping the 5 foot perimeter onto the sidewalk. On our visit, the staff only came to the threshold after we stopped to look in the window. The store was beautifully presented and the staff were friendly and informative. However, we did spot that the Refund Policy did not appear to comply with Australian Consumer Law, and so our client was grateful for the extra information we supplied to enable them to make the necessary changes for compliance. [6 Nov 2014]

Successful Audit

Officers from the WAPOL Licensing Section conducted a routine audit yesterday to ensure that Pathfinder Investigations Pty Ltd were complying with the terms of the Security & Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 as per Inquiry Agent Licence 45735. [8 Oct 2014]

RSL Fundraising Campaign Launch

This morning we hand-delivered invitations to businesses on Albany Highway in Victoria Park for the RSL to raise funds for a Commemorative Wall to be built in Victoria Park for those who didn’t make it out of Gallipoli. During World War I, Victoria Park was the largest Recruitment Depot for Western Australia. The launch will be at 6pm on Thursday 25th Sept at 1 Fred Bell Parade, East Victoria Park. Please contact if you would like to attend and give your support to this historic landmark. [18 Sept 2014]

Tackling Workplace Investigations

Jan would like to thank Jon Long of HLS Legal and Sean Foy of Integrated Managed Services for organising the Breakfast Seminar on St Georges Terrace this morning, where she and her colleague gave speeches about strategies for Tackling Workplace Investigations and how Digital Forensics can help to prove or disprove an allegation. Jon also gave them some interesting pointers on recent Case Law. [27 Aug 2014]

Speech Given at Charity Luncheon

VIEW Clubs of Australia



The Ladies at the VIEW Club in Warnbro invited Jan to give a speech on her Police career, how she became an expert in finding Missing Persons, her fascinating tale about  The Curious Case of the Casanova, and the secrets of  How to Be a Private Investigator. Here’s some feedback from the organiser, Mabel Laidlaw: “I would like to pass on our sincere thanks from the members who attended the VIEW Club lunch last month where your presentation was very well received.  The women were very inspired by your story and found the case studies really interesting, we were all very keen to learn more and could have listened to you for another hour. [2 Sept 2014]

Job Satisfaction = Making a Difference

Jan was asked to serve some papers regarding a baby who had not been returned to the carer. Within hours of receiving the documents, she served them and wrote an Affidavit of Service describing the conditions in which the baby was living, and quoting the adults’ admissions about another child that had been taken into care away from them. The Court promptly decreed that the baby be returned to the carer, and despite trying to run away with the baby again, the Police intervened and the baby was safely returned to the carer. [4 Aug 2014]

National Missing Persons Week 3-9 August 2014

Misper Week Logo

Pathfinder Investigations supports the good work done by the Australian Federal Police and other organisations for Missing Persons Week 3 – 9 August 2014 to raise public awareness of how, on average, 12 people are directly affected by every person who goes missing.

Dementia is a common cause of people going missing and, because such persons are so vulnerable, it’s a very worrying time for all concerned. Dementia patients often cannot remember something said to them 5 minutes ago, but the video superbly demonstrates how they clearly remember where they lived 30 years ago and make their way to the address now occupied by someone else. If a confused elderly person turns up on your doorstep one day, as once happened to me, please call the Police straight away whilst you make them a cuppa. Consider how you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes.

Other aspects of mental illness can lead people to need time away from home to think through their issues, however, the longer they leave it to return, the harder it is to re-assimilate back into family life, which is why some people leave more than once. This can have a devastating impact on those left behind. Always a good idea to seek counselling if you are having difficulties coping, or you are feeling abandoned by a loved one.

AFP Child Safety ID App

The AFP also have a very good app on their Missing Persons website with Safety Tips for Parents to prevent your children from going missing, and what to do if they do go missing, which we highly recommend. [31 Jul 2014]

Pathfinder joins International Network of Agents

Pathfinder Investigations has now joined forces with the best company in the UK at tracing beneficiaries, who have 50 members of staff and an international network of agents. So whilst we focus on seven English-speaking countries, this means that language is no longer a barrier to tracing beneficiaries across the globe, and we are honoured to join this network of experts. [17 Jul 2014]

Staff Analysis, Assessment and Customised Training

Foresight Logo

A unique initiative between Pathfinder Investigations and Foresight Security Planning enables Australian businesses to reduce their corporate and employee risk and to improve productivity and Customer Service

Media Release: 15 July 2014

Foresight Security Planning, experts in security, risk and safety management, and Pathfinder Investigations deliver a comprehensive employee surveillance, analysis and training service. Pathfinder Investigations will complete a number of staff assessments ranging from personal visits to previous employers when conducting prospective employee background checks, to digital forensics, which include analysis of corporate computer use and staff social media profiles to assess appropriate usage and conduct.

Mystery shopper investigations can also be conducted to determine the quality of goods and services, and particularly the level of Customer Service throughout an organisation.  After the results are analysed, Foresight Security Planning can implement a training program for employees and management specifically tailored to meet the organisation’s needs and goals.

“In today’s competitive, global market place, managers are under more pressure than ever to deliver high quality products and Customer Service as efficiently as possible and all the while ensuring they are not exposed to safety, financial, environmental and corporate risks,” said David Turner, renowned risk management, security and training expert and Founder of Foresight Security Planning.  “Foresight and Pathfinder Investigations give managers the knowledge, skills and tools to tackle any immediate problem areas and to improve efficiencies and reduce risks to the corporation, its staff and clients for the future.”

“Our staff are all former police officers or loss prevention officers with many years’ experience, so we are all trained observers. This means we can provide accurate and detailed Mystery Shopping Reports,” said Jan Ross, Managing Director of Pathfinder Investigations. “As a result of providing a report to Sam Duffy, the franchisee at Hog’s Breath Café in Rockingham and putting our testimonial on several websites for her, she responded, “Thank you very much for the report – I will fully take your comments on board and use them to make improvements in our daily operations.”

About Pathfinder Investigations

Pathfinder is a Perth-based  agency providing an additional range of investigative services such as  process serving, motor vehicle accident and other insurance claim investigations, and general surveillance. They also trace missing persons, including beneficiaries, across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

About Foresight Security Planning

Foresight are specialists in security risk and safety management.  The company provides comprehensive security risk assessments and solutions for all situations and businesses, large and small, including one off events and building site security.


Jan Ross, Pathfinder Investigations,, Ph: 0488 184 459

David Turner, Foresight Security Planning,, Ph: 1300 377 747

Is someone trying to scam you?

Jan says, “I have received unsolicited emails from people overseas offering to invest in my business this week. The first was from a man claiming to be a barrister, no less, in Madrid, who had seen me on LinkedIn. The very next day, I got another from a woman claiming to be a well-connected Venezuelan citizen, though she had a French email address. Their emails were worded differently, but I think they were connected because they both asked me for my Business Plan. I’m guessing  they intended editing it to show that they were part of my management team. Perhaps this was for financial reasons, or as a way of trying to get a Business Visa. We live in a litigious world where we have to be very careful that we don’t slander or libel someone, so what do you do in these circumstances? I erred on the side of caution and reported both people to ScamWatch, and, I’m pleased to say, that within 24 hours the man from Madrid has been removed from LinkedIn.” [15 Jul 2014]

Business of the Month Award

Photo Business of the Month

Jan was presented with the Business of the Month Award for June 2014 at the Business Armadale event showcasing Forrest Road Fresh. The award for her entrepreneurial success was presented by President, Paul Harrison of Beavertree Services. [9 Jul 2014]

FIFO & Defence Families Expo

Jan was one of 55 exhibitors at the Gary Holland Community Centre in Rockingham. [20 June 2014]

International Client Delighted

A private client from England contacted Pathfinder Investigations to trace a beneficiary, who was found within a few days in Western Australia. More detail on our Testimonials page. [10 May 2014]

Digital Forensics Damages Pistorius’ Defence

On Valentine’s Day in 2013, the Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The public now have unprecedented live access to the Court Trial currently in progress in South Africa.

Pistorius’ defence that he fired his gun four times through the locked bathroom door in the belief that there was an intruder in the house has been challenged by Captain Francois Moller, who has forensically examined 4 mobile phones and 3 computers revealing 1,000 exchanges back and forth between the victim and the accused. He reports that about 90% of these messages were typical of those between a loving couple, however, it was clear that Reeva was frightened of Oscar. Particularly damning messages from Reeva state: “I can’t be attacked by outsiders for dating u AND be attacked by you, the one person I deserve protection from,’’ and “I’m scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me and how you act at me.’’  [26 Mar2014]


New premises

Pathfinder Investigations moved to their own premises at Willetton Corporate Centre due to the rapid expansion of Lancall, with whom they maintain a good relationship.  [25 Feb 2014]

BNI OathBNI Logo

Pathfinder Investigations join Business Network International

Jan was formally accepted as a member of Business Network International, an organisation which promotes referring business to other members. President, Matthew Quinn of Peard Real Estate, invited John Horner of Canning Healthcare Centre and Jan Ross of Pathfinder Investigations to swear the oath of allegiance. The Shining Force Chapter now has 35 members and generated $3.165 million business this year. [22 Dec 2013]


A presentation was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth to announce the synergies between Pathfinder Investigations, Lancall,  SW19 and Depex, the common theme being property.

  • Pathfinder can track down delinquent tenants and do process serving.
  • Lancall performs Property Risk Management Services and tests for asbestos and other hazardous materials, noise and vibration, and soil and water contamination, etc.
  • SW19 performs Building Condition & Defect Analyses and Delapidation/End of Lease Surveys etc.
  • Depex are Residential & Commercial Property Tax Depreciation Specialists.

From left to right:  Matthew Deaves, Matthew Smith, Andrew Boladz, Philip Lancaster, Denise Jennings, Jan Ross, Kelvin Webb and Chris Roeves. [7 Nov 2013]

In the beginning

Pathfinder Investigations Pty Ltd was incorporated on 27th May 2013 by Jan Ross. Our first office was in Piara Waters. On 1st October 2013, the company moved to larger premises in Yampi Way, Willetton, and joined forces with Lancall and SW19. [1 Oct 2013]