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Jan Ross 

I am the Managing Director & Specialist Private Investigator for Pathfinder Investigations Pty Ltd. The company was founded in May 2013 in Perth, Western Australia.

My credentials can be verified by going to where you will find me listed under my married name of “SMEULDERS, JANINE” on the Inquiry Agent’s list (IA 45735) and Investigator’s list (IN 45735), both of which are updated monthly.


CII Certificate

I am one of only seven Certified Members of the Council of International Investigators in Australia. I have over 560 contacts in 147 countries covering more than 60 different investigative disciplines, including Asset Tracing, Due Diligence, Risk Management and Process Serving. The Council was formed in 1955 and is dedicated to fostering integrity, ethics, and mutual trust among its carefully vetted members across the globe.

                              Jan Ross Certificate of Service                                         







I gave Loyal, Devoted and Exemplary service to the community in West Yorkshire Police, England, from 1990-2009; operating in town, city and rural environments, and qualified to Sergeant.

Missing Persons Guidance Document
Missing Persons: In 1998, I realised that the Police were not investigating Missing Persons correctly, leaving the public feeling let down. As a result of my initial and ongoing suggestions for improvement, I was instrumental in helping Charlie Hedges to develop a new National Policy Document called the “Guidance on the Management, Recording and Investigation of Missing Persons”, first published in 2005, the principles of which I still follow today.


In 2004, I was the first officer in West Yorkshire to be dedicated to dealing with such investigations on a daily basis, and for training my colleagues to be more effective. As a result, my team had a 100% success rate for solving current cases over a 5 year period, saving the taxpayer $7 million a year. I regularly reviewed cold cases, which can be see on our Are You An Armchair Detective page. By spearheading a multi-agency approach, much-admired by senior detectives across the country, I had significant success in preventing drug addicted sexually exploited teenagers from regularly going missing from home and school.

Jan Ross Divisional Commanders Commendation
In 2001, I was awarded a Divisional Commander’s Commendation for Distinguished Service “In recognition of the tenacity, enthusiasm and commitment she displayed in an investigation in the arrest and conviction of two prolific criminals” who had committed 40 offences of theft, deception, burglary and robbery across four counties in the north of England. 


Between 1980-1990, I worked for the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service enforcing Consumer Protection Law, including overloaded goods vehicle, toy safety, clocked cars, etc. 

I migrated to Australia in January 2010 and have since obtained the following qualifications whilst working in the construction, engineering and investigation sectors:

  • Advanced Skip Tracing Course, Brisbane
  • Certificate III in Investigative Services, Perth
  • Certificate IV Financial Services (Accounting), Perth
  • Certificate IV Project Management, Perth
  • Diploma of Business, Perth
  • White Card, Perth

Whilst much of my work is Process Serving, having traced my own family tree back to 1677 (which was great fun!), my main passion is tracing Missing Persons and Beneficiaries. Whilst it’s not healthy for some relationships to continue, hence the Family Law work, I do get a lot of job satisfaction re-uniting families. 

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Licences held by Pathfinder investigators entitle them to conduct inquiries anywhere in Western Australia, an area of over 2.5 million square kilometres, which is approximately a quarter of the size of the USA or over 10 times bigger than the UK!