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Quick Turnaround Time

On 31/8/17, we were asked to serve Family Court Documents in Carnarvon and Esperance and file the sworn Affidavits of Service at Court prior to 8/9/17, which we did. Our client from a law firm in Perth CBD commented, “Thank you for your excellent service.” [9 Sept 2017]

Favourable Feedback from Corporate Client

“I am very very impressed by your efficient service. Am definitely going to be sending more client’s your way.”

Senior Associate of Law Firm with Five Offices in the Perth Area [1 Aug 2017]

Free Advice

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Feedback from Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer Testimonial

Good Old Fashioned Shoe Leather

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Prompt service

Forensic Accountant: Auxilium Partners

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Two Hour Service

Testimonial of 2 Hour Service

Praise from Regular Client

“Well done on getting him served. Your ongoing professional services to us are much appreciated.” Richard Crane, Partner [20 May 2016]

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Court Papers Served Inside 6 Hours

Express Process Serving

Papers Served on an Awkward Husband

Awkward Husband Testimonial

DNA Testing

DNA Results

Amazing Service

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This case was about obtaining information in case a previous partner tried battling for custody for his furry family.

Two dogs photo

Two Sides to Every Story

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99% Success Rate

99 Success Rate Testimonial

Better Than The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service

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Update 29 April 2015


Further Update 13 July 2015

“I’ve just completed a nomination for you [the People’s Choice Award], pleased to do it. We are going from strength to strength with our son, he visits every week, and he’s starting to connect with old friends he hasn’t seen for 12 years. Thanks again – it would not have happened without you.”

Another update 1 August 2015

The Family, now complete with Mark’s return. He’s between his Mum and the three new additions to the family since he lost touch. This photo will take pride of place in the Pathfinder Investigations office to remind all staff that this is exactly why we do what we do.

Big Happy Family

Got My Dog Back

Got the Dog Back

Finding a Woman With Four Identities

Testimonial about Justice

Landlord’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover As Much As You Think

Landlord's Insurance Testimonial

Doubts About Girlfriend’s Profession Confirmed

WOMO Testimonial

Relatives Found With Only A Few Clues

WOMO Testimonial

Better than the Bailiff

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Vastly Superior Service

We were asked to serve some Court Documents on a man who was late home on weekdays or the best time to catch him was Sunday morning. We tried at 5.45pm and 8.45pm on the Friday. The neighbours claimed he’d moved out. We sent photos of vehicles at the property to the claimant to check the man was still living there. We tried at 8am on Sunday morning and could hear him moving around inside the house, but he wouldn’t answer the door. We waited patiently. At 9.15am he opened the back gate and was served successfully. The claimant commented, “Your service is excellent.  Your brief  superb. A job well done.” Our client, a firm of solicitors, commented, “I agree with the claimant. The effort put into effecting service on the defendant in this case is vastly superior to what would have been provided by other process servers in my experience.” [10 Dec 2014]

Support for Senior Citizen

“Jan understood my difficulties getting my head around computers, so she volunteered to submit a Minor Case Claim on my behalf, served the document on the company that has owed me money since 2012, swore an Affidavit of Service in front of a JP, and hand delivered it back to my house all within the space of under 5 hours. Most of the time, you don’t get good service these days, so I was quite happy to give her a little tip for all her trouble.” [D. Clark 13 Nov 2014] Reply: “Thank you, no trouble at all, David, glad to be of service.” Update: “Thanks ever so much Jan, that company has now paid some money into my account and they’ve entered into a Payment Plan with me. You know, I couldn’t’ve done it without you.” [D. Clark 24 Nov 2014] Postscript: David came to the office to say how he was absolutely delighted that the company has now paid the debt in full. [19 Jan 2015]

Interstate Success

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Client Happy, Again!

“Once again I required the services of pathfinders investigations to serve court papers on my former partner. This was executed with speed and professionalism, just like my previous experience with pathfinders. I would like to express my sincere gratitude with all their help I received during this process.” [J. Hill 26 Aug 2014]

Got My Baby Back

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Got My Car Back

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Massive Step Forward in Missing Person Case

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Terrific Service Says Sydney Client

Just had some lovely feedback from a client in Sydney regarding Same Day Service of Court Papers: “Thank you very much for your terrific service. We are delighted.” [Sydney Birchall of Birchall Legal, 30 June 2014]

Mystery Shopping at Hog’s Breath Cafe

“Thank you very much for the report – I will fully take your comments on board and use them to make improvements in our daily operations.” [Sam Duffy, Hog’s Breath Cafe, Rockingham 27 June 2014]

Mystery Shopping Feedback

“Thank you so much for your feedback, it’s very interesting how you have captured the details, I do agree with your comments and really appreciate the work you have put into this. Your work is very professional and would be happy to recommend you to friends of mine!!!” [H. Shah, Elite Office Supplies. 12 May 2014]

International Client Delighted

“A few years ago, a relative emigrated from here in England to Australia and the wife and I lost touch with them. When the wife died last year, I had no idea how to trace this relative, who was also a beneficiary. A friend found Pathfinder Investigations on the computer and sent a message to Jan to see if they could help me. I was delighted when Jan not only found my relative, but did so in just a few days, and recommended a book to help heal the family rift that had developed over the years. I haven’t been this happy in ages. [Private Client, 10 May 2014]

 Same Day Service

“I was stressing out because I needed to have some Family Court papers served in a hurry and on a tight budget. My solicitor recommended Pathfinder Investigations, who successfully served them that very same evening. What a relief!” [Kim McGuire, 13 Feb 2014]

Bullied Lady Feels Much Better After Giving Statement

“I had been bullied at work by two managers for some time, and the last straw came when one of them deliberately desecrated a photo of my deceased son and broke a treasured professional trophy. When Jan came to take a detailed statement from me regarding my Worker’s Compensation Claim, she said it would be natural for me to get a headache as I tried to remember everything, but that my stress levels would decrease significantly once I had “downloaded” all the facts onto paper into chronological order. She was right, I feel much better now, and able to relax properly for the first time in ages. I’m so grateful to her for taking the time to listen to my issues. [Maggie Doyle, 30 Oct 2013]”